It’s Time To Retire The Anti Hindu Bench Of Hon. Supreme Court: Rahul Chandra Sharma


Year 2017 was a disgraceful period for the Hon. Supreme Court Of India, it’s bench didn’t act professionally, instead implemented an ideology suppressing Hindu culture, festivals and traditions.

The highest court acted like an unofficial Anti Hindu political party. The secular credentials of the Hon. Supreme Court of India is questionable. Every third month, there is a judgement from the Hon. Supreme Court which demoralize and depress Hindus by taking away their fundamental right to freedom of religion.



In Jan 2017, Hon. Supreme Court Of India banned popular Tamil Hindu bull-taming sport tradition Jallikattu, later during the Hindu festival of Diwali, Hon. Supreme Court Of India banned the sale of fireworks in the Delhi NCR region, in 2016, it passed a judgement banning human pyramid formation in the popular Hindu festival of Dahi- Handi celebrations. With above said judgements, it is evident that the current bench of Hon. Supreme Court is acknowledging and endorsing the petitions of Anti Hindu individuals and NGO’s with a biased mindset. The same vigor and enthusiasm is not seen when petitions pertinent to non Hindu faiths are presented in the Hon. Supreme Court.

Dahi- Handi celebrations

Dahi- Handi celebrations


This is direct violation of the fundamental right of Hindus. The Hon. Supreme Court Of India becomes proactive and exited when Public Interest Litigation are filed by NGO’s and individuals associated with Anti Hindu forces but shows a lackadaisical attitude when issues pertinent to Islam, Christianity and other non Hindu faiths are presented.


Here the institution i.e. Hon. Supreme Court Of India is not an accused of passing Anti Hindu judgements, it’s the current bench of Hon. Supreme Court judges which has exhibited an Anti Hindu stand for such petitions forwarded by groups and individuals with vested interests against Hindus and Hinduism. Anti Hindu judgements in the year 2016 – 2017 period doubts the secular credentials of Hon. Supreme Court bench and thus they have no moral and ethical ground to continue representing the Hon. Supreme Court , they must resign from their posts making way for a secular bench that treats Hindu subjects with an unbiased mindset, respect and dignity.

The Chief Justice must cross check the background including all the legal cases, judgements and socio political affiliations such judges had in past both as lawyer or as judges in session and high courts before endorsing their appointment and make diligent effort to firewall Anti Hindu judges from the Hon. Supreme Court.

Famous Lawyer Harish Salve said that it’s unfortunate that courts fall into the trap of NGO’s who work against Hindus and India (Ref. . Above statement of Harish Salve is absolutely absurd as it vindicates the blameworthiness of Hon. Supreme Court judges, instead shifts the blame on the NGO’s. How can the judges of the Hon. Supreme Court can fall into any trap? Are they uninformed and untested? Aren’t they aware of current social political situation? Is it so easy to hood wink Hon. Supreme Court judges and the bench itself ? No Way !!




The Hon. Supreme Court Judges are insightful of such petitions, their hidden agenda, they are fully aware of such individuals, NGO’s and their political ideology.
The Hon. Supreme Court Judges also know the consequences of approving such Anti Hindu petitions. In fact such petitions gives a good opportunity to the Hon. Supreme Court Judges with an Anti Hindu mindset to showcase their power and talent to Hindus of India and World. They feel exited and satisfied by passing such anti Hindu judgements, it’s a badge of honor for such judges.

It’s Time To Retire The Anti Hindu Bench Of Hon. Supreme Court.


About the author:
Rahul Chandra Sharma is a author and speaker on global Hindu human rights subjects. He is the director of Hindu Empowerment Office.

More research on him can be done at and he can be reached at .



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