Alleged Anti Hindu Corruption At Indian Consulate In Islamabad, HEO Complains To MEA India


Alleged Anti Hindu Corruption At Indian Consulate In Islamabad, HEO Complain To MEA India


DATE: 06 JAN 2018



Hon. External Affairs Minister

Smt. Sushma Swaraj

Ministry Of External Affairs, Government Of India

Copy: Satish Chander Gupta


SUBJECT: Alleged Anti Hindu Corruption At Indian Consulate In Islamabad, Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20000 Commission Being Charged From Pakistani Hindus For Indian VISA

Dear Minister –

During Nov, 2017 visit of Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Program (PHRRP) director, Shri. Rahul Chandra Sharma visited the Jodhpur based Pakistan Hindu Refugee campsite,  a group of refugees approached him and informed him that certain Indian consulate officers in Islamabad are hands in glove with local commission agents or brokers who are asking Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20,000 (In Pakistan currency) from Pakistani Hindu VSIA applicants for guaranteed Indian VISA approval – Pilgrimage or Tourism. The Hindu refugee group also informed that for Pakistani Muslims, the Indian consulate is expediting Indian VISA applications and no brokerage is being asked by the Indian consulate officers to be paid to outside brokers. For Pakistani Hindus, they are being referred to external brokers operating in Islamabad area near the Indian consulate. These external brokers ask Pakistani Hindus to pay out Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20,000 for guaranteed VISA to India as they are having monetary commission percentage links with certain Indian consulate officers in Islamabad.

The group also informed that the Indian consulate officers are approving large number of Indian Visas to Pakistani Muslims but very few to the Pakistani Hindus. One reason for this low ratio is the policy of no brokerage for Pakistani Muslims and demand of Rs. 15000 – Rs. 20,000 brokerage for Pakistani Hindus. Many Hindu families are in great distress due to this alleged corruption of certain Indian consulate officers in Islamabad , many daughters and mothers are unable to get VISA and join their families in India (who have already filled asylum in India) as they are from economic weak background and are not able to pay the brokerage.

Hindu empowerment office seeks your attention to this allegations of corruption on Indian consulate officers in Islamabad . Ministry of external affairs must initiate an inquiry and put an end to these malpractices and suspend such corrupt officers of it’s Islamabad consulate as required. Pakistani Hindu refugees in India are very satisfied with the current PM Narendra Modi and Home minister Rajnath Singh pro Hindu immigration policy, but such allegations do questions the creditability of MEA India overseas operations.

MEA India can reach out to Hindu empowerment office on email, Phone or What’s App numbers listed on the header data for additional data pertinent to these allegations if required. MEA India is requested to keep Hindu Empowerment Office updated on their inquiry and findings, that way Hindu empowerment office can update it’s PHRR program stakeholders and the issue is resolved without escalation TO higher Govt. authorities and intervention in media.



Rahul Chandra Sharma

Director: Hindu Empowerment Office (HEO)    Director: Pakistan Hindu Refugee Relief Program (PHRRP)

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